Great Atmospheres

Great Atmospheres



Today modern dining spaces are as diverse as the guests themselves, each of them requiring suitable lighting.

This is a custom made Italian restaurant generating the best possible environment for great dining experience.

#Molto Luce

Matas Life stores

Matas Life stores


Matas is one of Denmark’s most recognised and most reputable brands.

From 2019 Matas has introduced a more beautiful shopping experience for the customer with the new Matas Life concept.

The stores are nicely designed with clear breakdowns by category, makes it easy to find the way.

Lighting Design is also inspired by simple and clean lines.

All luminaries have minimalistic appearance and have high quality lighting performance.

Advanced Technology – incredible UGR<5

Advanced Technology – incredible UGR<5


Dingo LED projector is new design awarded luminaire from LIVAL, setting new standards for design and innovation.

This innovative product consist of ultra slim GA-016 adapter driver and a minimal lamp housing.

Despite small form factors, the luminaire can be driven at higher power.

Dingo can easily be converted to DALI or to wireless Bluetooth LE/Casambi.

Advanced technology also enables UGR <5 – incredible.