Give your customers a 360° world-class sound experience with high quality wireless speaker system.

Spottune is easily installed. With the lighting track system in place, the wireless speakers can be plugged in wherever you want.

Spottune ensures consistent and seamless coverage, regardless of your position in the room, creating the perfect balanced audio as you move around.

This enables you to customize and modify it to your current store layout and incorporate it into your dynamic store backbone of content, proAV and PA systems.

With or three simple design options (Recessed, Cord, Track) its perfect for any situation, and can give world class sound in any environment and still be convenient

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Slick, Seamless, Elegant there is many words that can describe the built in solution. The Recessed is a great way to create atmosphere and worldclass sound without taking to much attention!



Is perfect for an environment where track and recessed in isn’t possible and can also be utilized as a design element for beauty and great atmosphere



Are you already using tracks for spots? Then this is the perfect solution, set it on the track and play your favorite music thats it. Easy and convenient.

Spottune Stream (d.1669)

Wireless music streaming transmitter

Spottune STREAM, is the central transmitter in the Spottune system and streams audio from a large variety og inputs, and transmit and broadcast the audio to all the speakers.

SUB Black

Wireless subwoofer

Spottune SUB is a wireless subwoofer, designed to be set up in minutes and used in combination Spottune Omni speakers, and addition to your spottune system.  The Subwoofer can be placed on the floor, wall or ceiling mounted, and is wireless-ly connected to Spottune stream.