How to make people stop and wonder

Take a walk around the city and go into a few shops – put yourself in the shoes of your customers for a moment. What do you see? What surprises you? Why did you go into that particular shop? And how do you feel when you were back on the street?

We know that a good experience inside and outside starts with surprise and wonder – and we know that easy as it sounds, achieving it relies on our ability as a company and as individuals to push the boundaries to surprise first ourselves and then you. Knowing that, we show up to work every day to build on the experiences and know-how we got from previous projects. And we know that on all projects the best thing is to approach them with an open mind.

And frankly, if we could put our recipe down on paper and sell it in a neat little package, we would – but the fact of the matter is that it always relies on the individual project. Naturally. There are no shortcuts to surprise and wonder.

But in fact, we love working with our customers because they trust us to work freely within the direction we’ve agreed in order to achieve the best possible solution. That gives us a lot of freedom to put our distinctive mark on the project and it gives you as a customer the opportunity to challenge your own conventions and assumptions. All based on a handshake and an unspoken agreement that everyone will do their best on the project.

We focus on one thing.

We focus solely on retail. Let’s repeat that: We focus solely on retail. That means we know exactly what problems and solutions exist within that space.

In fact, during meetings, we like to think of ourselves as sitting on the same side of the table as our customers. Knowing their problems, their shops and in turn their customers right down to the shoe size, we aim to design solutions that fit precisely.

Our teams are closed-knit and our philosophy is that we help you as a team. We don’t care too much for job-roles and silos, we don’t care who started the project. We care more about carrying the project to completion as a team.

Acting as one team, is what got us to were we are today. It also means that all our employees regularly interact with our customers and feels a responsibility to help and understand the companies we work with. We see that as a huge benefit – as do our customers.

We think that gives the best return on investment in the long run. And focusing solely on retail and teamwork enables us to work globally within a narrow segment, to make the best use of our knowledge and ressources. In fact, following that trajectory we’re aiming to be the leading european company in retail lighting in the near future. Not to be the biggest player, but as an end-result of delivering complete solutions that lights up the room.

Overcoming the less-than-perfect shop.

A shop that is sales-ready is a shop that’s ready to greet the customers. That means a shop stocked with products and a shop that’s lit optimally. The opposite is something we see often – shops that are less than clean, with a bit too many old products on the shelves and where the lighting is last-century: with burned out lightbulbs, different colored neon lights and no overall lighting plan. The same products are lit differently. And everything looks a bit … well, low-budget.

We solve these problems every day: what we can give you as a customer is a shop where the products you want to sell they appear in a sparkling light. The silhoutters are razor-sharp, the colors are natural and true to life. If it’s a piece of fabric, you just have to touch it. If it’s a jacket you have to feel the surface. And in a world where 75% of retail purchases are based on impulse-buying, touching is believing.

Our customers

The same high demands we place on ourselves, we also place on our customers. We look for customers who are ready to have a better shop tomorrow than they have today. Customers who have many shops and who understand the importance of differentiating themselves in an ever-evolving market. Who knows that sometimes the right light is the only light.

In a market where there are fewer shop-owners and more centralizing every day, the margin of error becomes equally reduced. The professionals, the ones who fight this battle every day, are the ones we like to help. With differentiated experience lighting. With solutions that “just work” – in shops spread out across the world.