More light by less energy

“Less is More”

– Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1947


High efficiency reflectors combined with some of the best LED chips on the market creates a high performance lighting product capable of creating bright interiors and bringing out the best in your commodities.

The light output ratio of the products displayed in this catalogue is up to 99% for some models. They have an efficiency up to 140lm/W at CRI>80 and up to 110lm/W at CRI>90.

By refining the best technology available and by continuously optimizing each model the products available today is exceeding anything one could have imagined just 5 years ago.

Light output ratio up to 99%

We believe in efficiency. In all parts of our work

Evolution of Light

We believe in getting the most out of our resources. This applies to every aspect of our work from the creative process of designing the light concept to implementing the lighting system at the location.

By offering more – and better – light at lower power consumption, we offer the tools to not only save money, but also to help preserving the environment and helping to reach a cleaner future.

The evolution of shop lighting is continuing each day. Generation by generation the spot and the downlight is evolving towards the perfect emission and control of the subtle and immaterial phenomenon we have named light.

We believe in making a difference.
For us, it starts with the light.