At ON THE SPOT, we have one simple mission: to make you and your products look as stunning as possible. That’s what keeps us moving forward. Keeps us experimenting. Constructing. Illuminating. And that’s what makes us proud, when we enter a retail store somewhere around the world: to see our light make the difference. To see our light push the sales.

That’s what you get when working with us. We don’t sell light. We help you create experiences through light.

Experiences, that sell your product.

Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions shall apply in regards to the submission of tenders, supplies and services delivered by On The Spot A/S (hereinafter referred to as OTS), unless otherwise agreed in writing:

1. Offers
Offers must be in writing to be considered as valid by OTS. Unless otherwise stated, the offer shall be valid for thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the offer, provided that no changes have been made in regards to cost price, exchange rates, taxes etc. An estimated time of delivery will be specified in the offer. OTS reserves the right to changes in costs and delivery time on large or small quantities.

2. Terms of delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery shall take place without delay. If delivery has been agreed to take place in a certain week, delivery at the end of this week shall be considered to be timely. Deliveries are made carriage forward ex-warehouse OTS. All deliveries will be made at the risk and cost of the customer.
OTS shall be entitled to postpone the time of delivery in the following instances:
(a) Changes to the product and/or order requested by the Customer
(b) Delayed deliveries or services the Customer has agreed to carry out or which the Customer has booked a third party to carry out,
(c) The Delivery has to be stopped or delayed due to force majeure, which OTS could not reasonably have foreseen or avoided or overcome, or if the before-mentioned is due to an act of any sub-supplier(s), which OTS has employed to meet the agreement.
In the event of any delay pursuant to clauses a) and b), OTS reserves the right to adjust the agreed price in accordance to the increased costs – or alternatively cancel the agreement without becoming liable to the Customer.
The Customer is obliged to examine the goods immediately upon receipt.
Should the Customer wish to have the goods delivered at an address different from their own, the warranty no longer applies. Upon delivery to an address different from the Customer’s own, OTS may require the Customer’s written acceptance of the conditions of liability concerning the delivery.
The Customer is solely entitled to compensation due to delay in delivery provided that the Customer can provide documentation that the delay is a fault of OTS.

3. Return of goods
Any products, which are not purchased from OTS, cannot be returned to OTS.
Only stocked products which are in intact packing and undamaged will be accepted for return.
OTS reserves the right to refuse acceptance of returned goods if the packaging is deemed unsuitable for resale. Goods can be returned only by prior agreement and for a fee of at least 25%.
Return orders worth less than DKK 500 excl. VAT shall not be credited.
Non–stocked, specialty- or customized goods cannot under normal circumstances be returned.
Should the Customer wish to return the goods, a prior written agreement with OTS is required and must be accepted by the Supplier. Credit of returned goods will be made once the Supplier has credited OTS. Any return-deduction from the Supplier will be credit deducted. Upon return of nonstocked, specialty- or customized goods a return fee of DKK 300 will be added to the standard return fee.
Goods delivered in measured sizes/lengths, including ”made-to-measure” profiles and rails, are not returnable.
Light sources are not returnable.
All freight charges etc. associated with the return of goods fall on the Sender.
Goods may only be returned after a prior written / telephoned agreement with OTS and by completing a special return-form. This return-form shall be completed and submitted to OTS for approval. Goods may only be returned to OTS subject to prior written acceptance by OTS. The return-form together with a copy of delivery note / invoice shall be enclosed with the returned goods. Returned goods without prior acceptance will be rejected.

4. Complaints
All complaints must be notified within eight (8) calendar days of receipt. If a manufacturing defect can be demonstrated, the goods will be replaced of repaired by OTS.
OTS shall not be liable for common assembly-and malfunctions. At no time shall OTS be liable for any business interruption, time loss, loss of profits or similar incidental losses, including daily fines imposed on the Customer.

5. Prices
Prices are quoted in Danish Kroner, unless otherwise stipulated. The prices are quoted excluding OTS’ warehouse and excluding VAT and other taxes, as well as any packaging, delivery etc. Upon deliveries not covered by binding offers, the current price on the delivery date shall apply. Prices are subject to external price changes. OTS shall not be liable for any misprints in the price lists.
For orders worth less than DKK 5,000 excl. VAT and other taxes, a service fee of DKK 250 excl. VAT will be added.

6. Terms of payment
OTS shall determine the Customer’s terms of payment, including any cash discount, based on an individual assessment of available credit.

In case of overdue payment, an interest charge of 2% for every month from date of payment will be added. A reminder fee will be added in accordance with applicable law.
OTS reserves the right of ownership until the goods, including the delivery, shipping etc. expenses incurred, has been paid by the Customer, or a collateral security agreement has been made. Until such payment has been made, the Customer shall not be entitled to resell the goods or otherwise dispose the goods in any manner that conflicts OTS’s reservation of ownership.

7. Warranty
Products subject to manufacturing- or material defects shall be repaired or replaced without charge to the extent that the sub-suppliers’ warranty guarantees.
ECG’s have 1-year warranty. Faulty ECG’s will be replace without charge, any consequential costs regarding replacement etc. will however not be covered, cf. the guidelines of FABA. (FABA is the representative of all major manufacturers and importers of lighting units in Denmark).
A five (5) year warranty is given on LED chip and driver within rail spotlights and down lights, from the date of manufacturing. Faulty components will be similarly replaced without charge. Any consequential costs regarding replacement etc. will not be covered.
OTS does not warrant light sources and it should be noted that all indicated burning hours are estimates. A 7,5 % outage during the first 3,000 burning hours of lighting plants equipped with metal halogen lamps must be expected.

8. Drawings, offers etc.
Any intellectual property rights concerning drawings (including plans for setting up lighting units etc.), descriptions, specifications etc. and offers prepared / delivered by OTS for the Customer’s evaluation of offers or utilization of OTS’ supplies and services, belongs to OTS. The Customer’s effective payment will solely be granted a non-exclusive right of use. Drawings etc. must not be disclosed or used without prior written consent from OTS.
Drawings etc. must especially not be distributed to the competitors of OTS, or others who might exploit the drawings etc. against the legitimate rights and interest of OTS. Pending the Customer has acquired the requisite rights of use, cf. above-mentioned, the Customer is required to return all received drawings on demand and other material including any copies available.
The Customer is further obliged to confirm in writing that such a return has been made, and that the Customer is not in possession of any copies of the material or has handed it over to third party. The Customer has notice of the content of the drawings etc. reflecting the know-how of OTS and that trade secrets and unauthorized disclosure or use thereof, may cause OTS significant financial losses, which the Customer may be ordered to compensate OTS.

9. Governing law and jurisdiction
Litigation and disputes shall be settled fully and finally under Danish law and jurisdiction in the first instance in Denmark where OTS has its venue, currently the Copenhagen City Court.